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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Faster Boot Times

  Faster Boot Times Everybody likes a speedy computer. I remember the days when you could hit the power button on a computer, then go make a pot of coffee. When you returned, your computer would hopefully be displaying the Desktop signifying it was ready for

Top iOS 11 tips Review

Thanks to iOS 11, your iPhone and iPad just got a lot more powerful. With each new release, Apple focuses on improving old features as well as delivering new ones. So whether you’re looking to kickstart your productivity by scanning documents in the Notes app or

iPhone X: the cost of innovation Review

    When Apple announced the iPhone X, many had sticker shock over the price tag. Not only is this the most expensive iPhone that Apple has ever created, but it’s also one of six different iPhones the company now sells. Building such a large (some

Intel Core i9-7980XE Review

  Intel Core i9-7980 XE INTEL LGA2066 PROCESSOR The 2017 CPU war is still raging, with the release of the most powerful and expensive desktop CPU ever – Intel’s 18-core Core i9-7980 XE. The Skylake-X range also expanded downwards, s 12,14, and 16-core models stretching up

Buffalo LinkStation 210 3TB Review

  Buffalo LinkStation 210 3TB If the Seagate Personal Cloud seems like good value for 3TB of network-attached storage then the Buffalo LinkStation 210 is even cheaper, retailing for just over despite including a 3TB hard disk in the equation too. It’s around the same size

ASRock X299 Killer SLI Review

  Owning a high-end desktop system is rarely cheap, but one advantage of Intel’s X299 high-end desktop platform over AMD’s equivalent is that motherboards can be bought for noticeably lower prices. It’s been around for a bit longer, but they were also a little cheaper to

Quick Tip: Install Media Codecs in Ubuntu 17.10

If you didn’t check the ‘Enable Restricted Formats’ box while installing Ubuntu 17.10 on your machine, you’ll have to manually install multimedia codecs to make the default Rhythmbox music player and Totem video player play audio / video files. Due to legal reasons Ubuntu can not

Install Ubuntu-restricted-extras Package in Ubuntu 17.10

Install Ubuntu-restricted-extras package in Ubuntu 17.10. Ubuntu-restricted-media codecs or Ubuntu-restricted-addons are required to play multimedia files on Ubuntu Desktop. Upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10 Ubuntu 17.04 Desktop and install the latest Media Codecs in Ubuntu. You may have missed this and didn’t check “Enable Restricted Formats”

Ubuntu 17.10 Upgrade – Commands To Upgrade Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu 17.10 upgrade and Ubuntu 17.10 nove mogućnosti. How to upgrade Ubuntu 17.04 da 17.10 komandna linija. How to upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10 Ubuntu 17.04 Radna površina. Ubuntu 17.10 Ubuntu 17.10 comes with the newest software enhancements and nine months of security and maintenance updates. Ubuntu…

Preuzmite Ubuntu 17.10 Radna površina

Ubuntu 17.10 Preuzimanje datoteka. Know about the Ubuntu 17.10 značajke. Ubuntu 17.10 comes with the newest software enhancements and nine months of security and maintenance updates. Features and changes New Gnome desktop – The biggest change is the desktop environment. Ubuntu 17.10 is retiring Unity in favour

Samsung Galaxy Napomena 8 pregled

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was, by all accounts, a brilliant smartphone. It offered significant hardware and software benefits over the competition as well as a roomy Super AMOLED display and S-Pen functionality. Nažalost, a few exploding units forced Samsung to issue a recall and halt