Month: Kolovoz 2017

Xbox One miš i tipkovnica podrška dolazi iznutra

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer reaffirmed that mouse and keyboard support was on the way to the Xbox One nearly 18 months ago. Sada, Konačno, such input peripheral flexibility has started to appear in the Xbox Insider update rings. The first sign of mouse compatibility has

Kako instalirati KDE plazme 5.10.5 u KUbuntu 17.04

KDE Plasma Desktop 5.10.5 was released almost one week ago. It’s available in the main repository of Ubuntu 17.10. Here’s is how to install it in KUbuntu 17.04 via PPA repository. Plazma 5.10.5 is bug-fix release. The bugfixes are typically small but important and include: A

How to Install Laravel on a DirectAdmin Server

  U ovom članku, mi ćemo vam pokazati kako instalirati Laravel na CentOS 7 VPS with DirectAdmin control panel. Laravel is a popular, open-source PHP web application framework with expressive and elegant syntax. This guide should work on other Linux VPS systems as well but

Apple Shares New Augmented Reality Resources for Developers

Apple today updated its developer site with new sample code for ARKit, providing developers with additional details on what can be done with the upcoming feature. According to Apple, the new code is available alongside new ARKitbest practicespublished in the Human Interface Guidelines. Jabuka…

Review: be quiet! SFX L Power 600W PSU

Computer power-supply units (PSUs) fall into one of two camps. There’s the 1,000W juggernauts used by a few over-the-top enthusiasts with enough cash to drive multiple high-end graphics cards and overvolted, overclocked CPUs. These supplies are also in huge demand with miners keen to turn a

Kako postaviti prvi dan u tjednu u Windows 10

The first day of the week is different depending on which country you live in. Windows ought to use your regional settings to decide which is the first day of the week, or even how to display the date but it doesn’t. The regional settings only

Fitbit Ionic vs Fitbit Blaze: What’s the difference?

Fitbit might have started out as an activity tracking company, but it has now flourished into a fully-fledged GPS sports smartwatch maker. We compare its latest offering, the Ionic, with the Blaze. First there was the Blaze smartwatch, which offered GPS tracking using your phone’s connection.