Как да изключите екранната снимка (и затвора на камерата) в Windows Phone

This tutorial explains how to turn Off the screenshot and camera shutter sound in Windows Phone. You can disable screenshot sound in Windows Phone, let us see how.

Seen something awesome on your Windows Phone and here you are, taking screenshot and sharing the screen with the world. Everyone knows how to take screenshot on Windows Phone, it is super easy. Just hold the power button and tap the Start key.

Screenshot Windows Phone

When you take a screenshot, it plays a sound – the camera shutter sound when screenshot has been saved on your phone. This may be irritating at times when you are listening to music, wearing earphones. But, you can disable this screenshot sound. Let us learn an easy way to disable screenshot sound in Windows Phone.

  • Go to Windows Phone “Settings” screen
  • Select “ringtones+sound” option from “Settings”
  • Scroll down to bottom.
  • Un-check the “Camera shutter” sound option.

It’s done and from now onwards whenever you take a screenshot, the sound will not be played and you will not hear annoying shutter sound.

Please note that when you disable the shutter sound, it will not only disable the screenshot sound, but also the camera shutter sounds and you will not hear any shutter sound when taking shots with the camera.

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