Best Open Source Internships For College Students

Brief: Looking for an internship in open source projects? Here we list the best open source internships with all the relevant information.

Are you a college student looking to learn programming as well as help Open Source projects? Good thing is that there are several organizations that offer internships to students to work on open source projects.

I am going to list some of the popular open source internships here, both paid and unpaid.

Best open source internships for college students

Best Open Source internships

I have listed the most useful information as possible but it is always a good idea to check the project website

1. Snowplow

Snowplow – Data Analytics company using a variety of languages and foss products/projects.

The internships run twice a year.

Eligibility CriteriaNone
Internship period(May through August), for a 6-8 week paid internship
Application deadline
StipendCase by Case basis.

2. FSF

FSF – The oldest, mother of all organizations which started the free software movement. The Internship program runs thrice a year.

Eligibility CriteriaNone
Internship period3 months ( September 11th to December 8th, 2017)
Application deadlineJuly 31, 2017
LocationBoston, U.S. or Remote

3. – Project which develops, maintains, supports the free software stack for accelerated graphics for all graphics hardware.

Eligibility CriteriaNone
Internship period4 months nearly full-time work
Application deadlineThroughout the year
Stipend$5000 in stages


RGSOC – Project to entice/enhance women participation developing Ruby on Rails or simply Rails web framework.

Eligibility CriteriaFor Girls only.
Internship period3 months (from 1st July to 30th September)
Application deadlineUsally February
StipendCase by Case basis


SOCIS ESA – A pan-European organization working on exploration of space, human spaceflight etc.

Eligibility CriteriaStudents from the European Union
Internship period3 months (from 1st July to 30th September)
Application deadlineUsually May
Stipenddepends on each mentoring organization, see below for more details

6. Dataone

Dataone – A project to collect, understand, collect earth observational data using a variety of sensors and testing and make cohesive sense out of it.

Eligibility CriteriaNone.
Internship period3 months (from 1st July to 30th September)
Application PeriodUsally February
LocationUnited States

7. OpenDaylight

OpenDaylight – FOSS Project which works to use and promote software-defined networking and network functions visualization.

Eligibility CriteriaNone.
Internship period3 months (from May 30th to August 29th)
Application Period DeadlineUsually January

8. Openwasp

OWASP – An organization dealing with various facets of web application security.

Eligibility CriteriaNone.
Internship period3 months (from July 3, 2017 – September 6, 2017)
Application Period DeadlineUsually June


ICFOSS – An autonomous organization set up by Government of Kerala for development and promotion of FOSS in India.

Eligibility CriteriaNone.
Internship period1.5 months
Application Period DeadlineUsually July

10. ICFOSS Fellowship

ICFOSS – An autonomous organization set up by Government of Kerala for development and promotion of FOSS in India.

FOSS Innovation Fellowship ProgrammeDetails
Eligibility CriteriaAge should not exceed 30.
Internship period3 months (from 1st April to July 30th)
Application Period DeadlineUsually April
StipendINR Rs. 20k per month
LocationKerala, India

11. FOSSEE Internships

FOSSEE – An organization targeted towards development, maintenance and promotion of various FOSS projects based in the famous IIT-Mumbai.

Fossee InternshipsDetails
Eligibility CriteriaDepends on project
Internship period2 months
Application Period DeadlineUsually February
LocationMumbai, India

12. The Center for Internet and Society

CIS – A Bangalore-based organization based organization looking at multidisciplinary research and advocacy at various levels.

The Center for Internet and SocietyDetails
Eligibility CriteriaDiverse Educational backgrounds but need to know LibreOffice
Internship period
Application Period DeadlineThroughout the year
LocationDepends, some remote, some Bengaluru, India and New Delhi, India


OPNFV – An organization dedicated to network functions virtualization

Eligibility CriteriaNone.
Internship period3 months full-time or 6 months part-time
Application Period DeadlineAround the year
Stipend$5500 in stages

14. Outreachy

Outreachy -Outreachy started in 2006, wrapped up and started up again in 2010. I did share an interview with Maria Glukova which shared her experience. Twice a year it runs and has in excess of 30+ interns per year from 20+ projects including Debian, Redhat, OpenStack and many others.

Eligibility CriteriaWomen, trans and cisgendered women
Internship period3 months
Application Period DeadlineUsually in October

15. Deeproot

Deeproot started in 2000. Their main product is deepOfix Mail Server and is based on Debian.

Eligibility CriteriaA desire to work hard on solving a practical problem using Free Software
Internship period3 months – 10 months
Application Period DeadlineAll round the year

16. Google Summer of Code

GSoC -Google Summer of Code, the one which started it all.This time it got the highest number of students from India, in excess of 228+ students from India according to GSoC’s own stats.

The idea of giving those other GSoC programs are that almost all of the above projects were at one time or the other part of the GSoC program. GSoC is limited in the sense the program can run only from May to September while some want a whole-year around GSoC program and any limitations that Google has.

Eligibility CriteriaNone.
Internship period3 months
Application Period DeadlineUsually in April
StipendDepends on where you live, from $2400 to $6000

I hope this article helped you in finding an Open Source internship. If you have some other open source internships to add to this list or add some details to the existing list, thanks to let me know in the comment section below.


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