Best Alternatives to BuySellAds

Why Bloggers Look for Alternatives to BuySellAds

We know that buysellads is the leading online advertising networks, so the question is why bloggers are looking for alternatives to buysellads. The reason is the strict terms and conditions that make it difficult to the bloggers to get an approved buysellads account. So if you have your own blog and want to make money by selling ad spaces but are rejecting by buysellads, then you can look for alternatives to buysellads to make money by direct advertising.

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Below there is a list of 5 best alternatives to buysellads .These Services are really good if you want to make money online from direct advertising.



1 PublicityClerks- PublicityClerks is one of the best alternatives to buysellads if you want to sell ad spots on your blog to make money. As like buysellads, it lets you sell your blog ad spaces to advertisers. It’s completely on you what price you want to set for ad spots for 30 days and can withdraw your money by PayPal.

project-wonderful2 Project Wonderful- Project wonderful is also  best alternatives to buysellads. It’s a great buysellads alternative that offers live bidding. Live bidding means advertisers can bid on your ad spaces continuously and you can sell to him who offers you more money and thus you can earn more money. You can sell your ad spaces for different bids for different locations. Project Wonderful allows you sub-domain like or and charges 25% commission on your income.

 Adsella- This is another buysellads a-like, online advertising networks that allows you to sell ad spaces for as many days as you want. Adsella deduct 20% as their commission from your earnings and unlike buysellads, you will get approved easily by Adsella.

  1. 3.-Blogads

4 BlogAds- As like PublicityClerks and Project Wonderful, BlogAds is also one of the best alternatives to buysellads and a direct advertising network that lets you sell ad spaces on your website or blog. This is one of the oldest advertising networks that give you the option to choose from basic, intermediate or advance advertising option based on the traffic it gets. It also allows text ads.


Adengage.- AdEngage is an online advertising network that allows advertisers to buy ads,
and publishers / website owners to sell space on their sites. with over 7,123,125,093 ads served last monthly  and Over 1.2 trillion  ads shown since 2004.

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