Automatically restart a windows service

If you are dependant on a program whose service is failing you have two options.

1. Fix the problem

2. Find a way to bypass the problem

Number one is the best, you dig in to the problem, find a cause and you fix it. This one is also the most rewarding, you get one of those feelings, wow, I did something well and that makes me feel good.

Number two is more like a bypass, you find a quick solution to fix the problem but not the cause. You will all ways know that you didn’t do your best. But you did fix the problem. You see, sometimes there is not other way, there is not time, perhaps software vendor is out of business and you cant get proper support.

So how do you automatically restart a windows service?

There is a this fine program called NetWrix Services Monitor.

User interface simple, just the features that are needed. Once installed you are able to restart windows services, but not only on the server program is installed on, that would be to easy, you can restart windows services on the server program is installed plus remote servers, all being monitored from this fine program.

First you need to Enable Services Monitor, then you set which servers and services will you monitor.

You can set alerting via email (this can be really helpful, either to troubleshoot or to give vendor more data when services stop)



After the service is stopped, the program can send email, start the service, reboot the server and even start a user program.

Wonderful tool that can save you some time.

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