9 Really Interesting Social Media Tools

Are you looking for some new social media tools to add to your arsenal?

Every day, we come across new tools and, each quarter, we write a post where we share some really interesting tools that we have come across.  Some of these tools are new, some are in beta and some have been around for a while but we have only recently discovered them.

I’m sure you’ll find something in this list that will  help your business!

1.  Perform Keyword Research using Keywordtool.io

This tool was shared with me by my good friend Syed Balkhi.  It’s an excellent tool for researching keywords and for coming up with content ideas.

Imagine if you were writing an article about sports equipment.  When you enter ‘sports equipment’ into keywordtool.io, it will produce a list of related keywords from Google, as well as a large list of phrases with these keywords in it.

From this search, there are over 460 combinations.  You could use some of these within your post or you could come up with different blog posts based on these combinations.


Keyword Tool


2. Optimize Your Content for Google with Seologies

Seologies is an SEO tool that can help you optimize your content to improve its relevance for Google.

If you want to rank for a particular keyword combination in Google, you need to make sure your content is very relevant to that keyword.  If it’s relevant, then Google will expect to see a lot of content related to that keyword within your content.  Also, when you rank for a particular keyword combination, you have a good chance of getting more traffic for other, similar keywords so it’s useful to consider these within the content.

This is not about just throwing in content for the sake of it.  You use Seologies to find out if there’s content that you haven’t considered for your post.

There’s a couple of ways of using it.  For example, you can put in an existing post and enter the keywords you want to optimize it for.  Or you can just enter in keywords and get a list of words that it considers to be related.

In the example below, I entered ‘surfing’ and got a wide variety of keywords.  When you hover over the keywords, it will show you the relevance of the keyword on the right-hand side, and it will also show you some sites with articles related to that keyword.  These are sites that could be worth linking to.




3. Analyze Twitter using Spiderqube

Spiderqube is quite a powerful Twitter search tool, which allows you to crawl through Twitter and find and follow relevant people.

For example, you can set up a filter for the following:

Someone who mentions RazorSocial in their tweet, who is from a specific country and is considered a ‘rising star’ on Twitter.  Spiderqube rates people by analyzing their profiles so you can pick out various categories of Twitter followers.

When you get the results, you can then follow that person if you are not following them already.




There’s lots of useful functionality, filters and reporting to play with in the tool, so it’s well worth checking out.


4.  Request Some Action on Facebook with ActionSprout

I initially came across ActionSprout in John Hayden’s post on Social Media Examiner.

When you want someone to take action on Facebook, you can create a special post on ActionSprout that includes a call-to-action button.  When someone clicks that call-to-action button, up pops the action!

The actions could be to tell, pledge, attend, sponsor etc.  There is no ‘buy’ option!

In the example below, I created an action to ‘tell’ people about a webinar.  When someone clicks on the ‘tell’ button, up pops up a ‘share’ message so people can share it with their friends.




5.  Build a Social Profile with Riffle

Riffle provides a Chrome browser extension that analyzes a Twitter account and displays a full social profile about that account. You can see full analytics related to Twitter and then links to all the social profiles of that person.




This can be really useful.  For example, if you are engaging with a Twitter user, you can use Riffle to retrieve their LinkedIn profile and you can then connect directly with them there.

6.  Automate the Marketing of Your Social Connections with Insightpool

There are many marketing automation tools but there’s a big lack of integration with social media tools.  Most marketing automation tools focus on email marketing and, while this is really important, there are also increasing number of conversations on social media channels that cannot be ignored.

Insightpool takes a different approach, with a focus on marketing automation for social media.

Here are the key features:

Influencer interest-based identification on Twitter.

  • Influencers – Insightpool doesn’t just focus on the celebrities in your industry, it will identify people who have a smaller following but who are exactly the people who could be interested in engaging with you and promoting your brand.
  • Prospects – Using Insightpool’s proprietary social graph, you can find prospects who are related to your brand (competitors, complementary brands, etc.)
  • Customers – Insightpool helps you to find the most passionate customers to pro-actively engage in conversation with, as opposed to only having reactive conversations.

Influencer Identification


Engagement – There is marketing automation-type functionality that allows you to automatically send messages and DMs, indicate a favorite to your target audience, and more. For example, you could send personalised DM messages that are either sent – or not sent – based on the responses you get to your original messages.

Reporting – Analyze the impact of your campaigns, based on your target audience.

7.  Leverage Your Content for Social Media with Edgar

When you share great content on social media (yours or someone else’s), the vast majority of people never see this content.  For example:

When you post on Twitter, under 5% of your followers are actually going to see the tweet.

  • How many of them will click on the link within the tweet?
  • How many will read the article?
  • How many will remember the article?
  • How many would like to be reminded of the article?

With demands on your time, you are expected to deliver great content consistently on social media channels, but this takes time.

With Edgar, you can add content to categories that you create, and then specify a schedule where content is picked from the categories for a particular time slot.   As you add more updates to the categories, less repetition will occur.


edgar categories

It’s an interesting concept that we’ll keep an eye on.  There’s definitely some more functionality required for the platform, for example:

  • It would be great to be able to vary the updates so that, for example, although the content is the same, the tweet would be different.
  • There needs to be some capability to spring clean where you can view a report of content older than x months and then decide to delete some of it, if it’s no longer valid.
  • A content discovery engine, to discover new content, would be useful and I’m sure that will be a future feature!

If you want a tool that is going to save you a lot of time, this will help.

8.  Create a Social Poll with Wedgies

Wedgies is a tool for creating social polls.  You create the poll using Wedgies and then share it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and/or embed it on your website.




When you create the poll, this is how it looks.

wedgies poll


This was made using the free version. There are also various paid options with varying levels of functionality, so they are worth checking out.

9. Share the right content at the right time on Facebook using BuzzSpice

You tell BuzzSpice which topics you are interested in and it will find the most relevant content.  When you post this content, it will post it at the optimum time, based on what you have previously posted on your Facebook Page.




It does come up with good content and it makes posting to Facebook very easy.  It’s not going to be able to come up the right content for every niche, but it’s worth checking it out to see if it’s relevant for your business.


There are so many new tools and every so often we’ll find a golden nugget.

Have you come across any good tools?  Even if it’s your own tool, I’d love you to share it below.

Looking forward to hearing your comments!


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