5 Changes You Need to Make for Google Shopping in the Next 2 Months

I've come to the conclusion Google loves fall. Although Google's headquarters are in Silicon Valley, the firm has persistently made main modifications to its paid promoting program throughout the late summer time months.

In July 2012, Google finalized its switch to Google Product Listing Ads from previously free retail visitors on Google search (Google Product Search). In October 2013, Google unleashed Local Product Listing Ads. Similarly, this August marks the reduce off date for retailers to change to Google's Shopping Campaign program, which is changing Product Ads.

Time is shortly operating out for retailers utilizing Google Shopping to change to Google Shopping Campaigns.

Google Shopping Campaign Switch Timeline

Here's an overview of the modifications you want to make for for Google's Shopping Campaigns prior to August.

Google Shopping Campaigns Switch Timeline

Before you begin switching your Google advert campaigns for the Shopping update, ensure you perceive the differences between PLAs and Shopping Campaigns, and why Google is updating advertisements.

Once you perceive Shopping Campaigns, comply with the timeline above to guarantee your Campaign is constructed out and examined earlier than the August deadline. Note the dates for marketing campaign change steps are ideas to provide help to make a clean transition to Shopping Campaigns. Many retailers have already began to use Shopping Campaigns with an average conversion rate improvement of 16 percent.

Follow the steps under to transition to Shopping Campaigns earlier than August.

B. Change Your Inventory Labels

Google creates advertisements for search utilizing details about your merchandise communicated by way of the Google Merchant Center or AdWords utilizing your Inventory file. Product stock is communicated to Google in this file based mostly on Google's required attributes comparable to product worth and outline.

Google Product Ads use AdWords_labels in your stock file to create customized advert teams. Retailers who need to create advert teams for merchandise outdoors of Google's default labels (Brand, Category, etc.) can assign parameters utilizing this column, reminiscent of Best Seller or Greater than $60.

Google Product Ads AdWords Labels

Google Shopping Campaigns additionally permit retailers to create customized labels utilizing their stock file. However, as an alternative of AdWords_Labels, Shopping Campaigns use the Custom Labels columns. Retailers have the choice to create up to 5 customized labels utilizing Shopping Campaigns Custom Labels zero-A (one per column).

Retailers switching to Shopping Campaigns ought to:

  • Decide which customized labels to use for the new Campaign (up to 5).
  • Change these AdWords_labels columns to customized columns in their stock file

Change AdWords Labels to Custom Columns

You do not want to delete the AdWords_Labels column in your stock file. Google's Shopping Campaigns will merely ignore the AdWords_Labels customized column when figuring out attributes for advert teams.

2. Create Google Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping Campaigns are changing the present Product Listing Ads Campaign format.

To create a Google Shopping Campaign in AdWords, choose your chosen marketing campaign and click on + Campaign in the Campaigns tab. Then choose the 'Shopping' marketing campaign format choice:

Google Shopping Campaign Format

A. Pause PLA Campaign

Once you've got created your new Shopping Campaign, keep in mind that your previous Product Ads are pulled from the similar place as your Shopping Campaigns – your product stock. If you retain each campaigns operating you're probably cannibalizing your personal advert publicity and conversions.

If you are not positive how to escape your Shopping Campaign, contemplate operating your previous PLAs for a few days when you construction your new Campaign (hold bids low).

Ultimately, you need to pause your PLA marketing campaign and let Shopping Campaigns run.

You can pause a Campaign by choosing the down arrow subsequent to your particular person marketing campaign and selecting 'Paused':

Pause Google PLA Campaign

A. Copy Your PLA Campaign Settings

Depending in your marketing campaign priorities and price range, you will probably need to use the similar marketing campaign setting for Shopping Campaigns as you've got with PLAs. If you have not but damaged out PLAs extensively, Shopping Campaigns is the good alternative to broaden your marketing campaign and improve publicity and conversions on Google Shopping. Remember to all the time create and check advert teams based mostly on Analytics and AdWords efficiency data.

You can discover your Campaign setting info beneath the settings tab:

Find Campaign Setting Info

Remember Shopping Campaigns escape every subsequent advert group from the All Products advert group, or your whole stock file. Each advert group you create is a subset of the one earlier than it. Consider what advert teams you need to create beneath your All Products advert group rigorously as they'll type the construction for the the rest of your marketing campaign.

5. Change Bids

Once you've got damaged out your Google Shopping Campaign, proceed to check totally different advert teams and bid quantities to maximize your ROI. Use new options out there with Shopping Campaigns, reminiscent of Max Bid and Impression Share, to decide how typically your displaying up for related searches and make bid modifications.



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