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Everyone who is using Internet got used to giving own email address to get a benefit from a company, title="View all articles about website here">website or a title="View all articles about blog here">blog. Most of the times  there are no problems signing up for a newsletter, e-book, online competition or even a free product. There 2 types of internet users. First type is causes, they care about their privacy and they care whom they give their email address to. Second type is either inexperienced or careless. They would give their own email address every time they see a benefit. Some users have multiple email addresses and use them for various online activities. One of the problems is that they forget password and they have to create another email.

10 Minute Mail – Reason for use

Imagine that you are a looking for a ringtone. You find a website where they offer you one free ringtone if you give them your mail address. Once you sing up you don’t get ringtone, instead you get bombarded by a daily spam from various online marketeers.

Once you sign up for a newsletter to get a benefit, you will receive email. It depends only what kind of email. Maybe you just want to see if they are true and will deliver free product/service. Or maybe you don’t want to give out your private mail.  had situations like that and never really thought about service like that. What a great Idea. Now that I found it I decided to write a 10 minute mail review because I know that it can be really a great tool for many. Don’t forget to bookmark it.

10 Minute Mail – How it Works

When you visit 10 Minute email website, you are presented with your temporary email address. Instead of giving your own address you subscribe to newsletter with temporary email. Email will be active for 10 minutes, after that email will self-destruct. You can extend for another 10 minutes however.


When you receive new email, you will see it in the Messages view. You see preview and date when email was received.


If you want, you can open received email and even reply.


10 minute email has many copycats due to it’s popularity. As for alternatives, one of the most popular is called Mailinator which list emails publicly, all emails could be read by anyone and emails won’t self destruct, so you should use caution when approaching similar services. You can try temporary email service on 10 minute mail website.

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